Product List

  • Steel or Poly pallets - 275 or 330 gallon capacity recycled totes

  • Steel or Poly pallets - 275 or 330 gallon capacity rebottled totes (used cage new bottles

  • Full service tote reconditioning program to meet our customers requirements

  • Re-certification of customers totes (all makes-all sizes)    

  • Welding & repair services

  • Large replacement parts inventory (all makes)



    275 gallon FDA Compliant totes 

New FDA Compliant bottles

Available with Poly or Steel pallets

Full compliance with all regulations DOT/UN approved

Translucent HDPE Bottle

6" top fill opening

2" bottom discharge valve

4 way pallet entry

Stackable 2 high when filled

Bottle colors available:

  • Natural


New bottle totes     



    2011 EPA AG Compliant totes

    After August 16, 2011, all portable refillable containers must meet Ag Compliant EPA requirements. After this date, many existing portable refillable containers will be deemed obsolete if they cannot meet these requirements.

    • A One-Way Valve or tamper evident device on container openings and vents is required

    • Containers must be cleaned between each use - unless tamper evident lid and one-way valves are intact and filled with the same product

    • Containers must have a unique method of identification such as a serial number or other ID code

    • Containers must now have records of prior fillings

    • Containers must meet DOT/UN design, testing, construction, & marking

    • Containers must be on approved list from the Product Registrant



    Tote Reconditioning

    Recycled totes: Offered in either Steel or Plastic pallets - 275 and 330 gallon capacity. In LTL and truck load quantities (60 per truck) F.O.B. Delphi, Indiana. Totes can be picked up and/or delivered. Reconditioned totes: Overall cage and bottle inspection, remove 2" bottom valve and 6" top cap, clean all placards, high pressure inside wash, high pressure pallet and cage wash, fresh soft water rinse, hot air dry, install a new bottom valve or wash dry and install 2" bottom valve with a new gasket, perform computerized leak test, install 6" top cap, foil seal 2" bottom valve, apply new UN certification label, apply return label, and apply quality inspection label.

    • Rebottled totes: Offered in either Steel or Plastic pallets - 275 and 330 gallon capacity. In LTL and truck load quantities (60 per truck) FOB Delphi, Indiana. Overall cage inspection, remove old bottles for recycling, remove all placards, high pressure wash of pallet and cage, install a new bottle that includes a new valve and top cap, affix UN certification label, and apply return label and inspection label.
    • All totes go through a very robust receiving process:  all totes are visually inspected, graded, and documented.

    • Reconditioning is performed in strict accordance with EPA guidelines.


    Next Day Container answers this demand with a quick and easy process that includes:


    • Pick-up, inspection, retrofitting, and delivery of your existing totes (all usable totes) 

    • Efficient container servicing eliminate your need for excessive inventory

    • Re-bottling with new AG compliant bottles,  new AG compliant "one way" discharge valves, and new non-removable, breathable AG compliant top caps

    • Computerized leakproof testing

    • Our 3-step Quality Assurance process to ensure the very best quality standards are maintained

    • Sequentially numbered quality check labels with inspector's initials applied and recorded